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Dial a CFO

Dial a CFO is a collective of commercial executives who provide expertise to clients direct on a flexible "pay as you go" basis. We deliver commercial change management and governance services to businesses of all sizes and industries, from working within commerce and, at a competitive and transparent price.

Dial a CFO is founded by Tony Rutherford, an experienced finance professional who identified a fundamental disconnect in the New Zealand business environment whereby:

  • Many small or medium sized organisations require the same commercial expertise of their larger counterparts but don’t know how to access it, can’t afford it on a permanent basis, or simply don’t need it full time; and
  • There are skilled finance professionals who want to help organisations achieve objectives but outside the traditional employer-employee relationship however are often operating in a competitive rather than a collaborative environment.

9 reasons a Dial a CFO Associate is the right choice for you:

  • Experience: Dial offers a high value, low risk proposition. Our 50 most senior Associates have combined experience in excess of 1,000 years in the commercial business environment.
  • You set the expectation: Our Associate works within your business with a commercial and internal focus, just as if they were an employee but without the commitment from you that an employee requires.
  • Flexibility: Buy what you want when you want it. Our Associates can be available throughout the life cycle of your business on a routine or ad hoc basis, enabling real value to be gained by you working with a trusted business partner over an extended period of time.
  • Solutions orientation: Our Dial Associates have a proven track record evidenced by successful careers in the commercial sector – in other words - we are "the real deal". This extensive background across various clients means that we can draw from experience that is tangible and relevant, assisting in delivering more innovative and timely solutions.
  • Collective expertise: Associates operate in a collaborative manner, meaning there is an impressive intellectual pool of knowledge they can draw from to benefit you.
  • Capable: Our Associates are vetted before joining Dial and you are provided with References and background information to assist in your selection of Dial Associate.
  • Oversight: A Quality Assurance service is provided by an independent senior Associate throughout every engagement so you remain confident that the engagement objectives will remain on track - you are not charged any more for this as it is included in our standard fees.
  • We own execution: We are professional service providers (not sales people with targets) and therefore we will provide an honest and transparent assessment of what needs to be done, and then get on with doing it.
  • Independent: While technologically savvy, we are not aligned with any accounting software provider hence we provide an independent assessment of what your business needs.

Download our printable brochure: 6 ways you get more from Dial a CFO.

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The Human Resources Project

A quick overview of The Human Resources Project:

  • "Pay only for what you use" HR services.
  • Powerful expertise and professional networks.
  • HR support from qualified HR professionals including training for managers and assistance with specific issues.
  • HR assistance with Position Description writing, disciplinary processes, ERA mediation representation, and on-call support with any emergency situations.

Why are we so unique?

We operate as your own HR function or as an extension of your existing HR function.

We operate on an hourly charge out basis to complete any HR related task your organization might seek assistance with.

Rowan Larsen

Executive Director

Telephone: +64 (0) 9 480 0226
Mobile: +64 (0)21 0246 3490

Delivering Low Cost - On Call - HR Support Services

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