It wasn’t until my husband had a panic attack in Auckland in January 2019 and he thought he was having a heart attack and going to die on the street, that I understood what a huge problem not only New Zealand but the world has with Anxiety, the most common form of mental illness. With tough mimed west coast genetics, it wasn’t til I started talking about it I realised almost everyone I spoke to either suffered from it, or knew someone very close who did.

Why then do we not talk about it? It is debilitating, affects wellbeing at work, productivity, families, relationships, health and so much more. New Zealand’s youth suicide rate is the worst in the OECD countries. That is shameful. 14,000,000 people are on medication for it in the USA. What is happening to humanity?

So the Bloom team have have decided to use their skills, talents and connections to make a difference to those suffering with Anxiety by coordinating a competition for Learning Designers globally to co-create elearning modules that will improve wellness at work, supporting those learning teams who want to support those affected at work. The winner will provide their module at no cost to any organisation or individual who wants it. In fact after April 31st, the module can be taken right here at the bottom of the page. Join us on World Happiness Day 20 March to celebrate being happy, as well as the launch of the competition.