Strategic Partnerships

Customise Talent

What do you get when you unite 10 specialist recruitment brands with a team of switched on, proven recruiters?

Customise was created with a mandate to bring together the highest calibre professionals within Recruitment, HR and Project Services, to add value when solving growing organisations talent related challenges. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Addressing the short comings found in most traditional recruitment agencies was one of the cornerstones that Customise was built on. Why should you pay for legacy overheads that add little value to solving your needs? We sought about empowering our team to deliver quality to you; not a focus on KPI's & volume. We have eliminated the pressure on employees that typically gets generated to pay for the expensive offices, inefficient and outdated systems, managerial staff, and shareholders' increasing demands for profitability.


Customise Talent is Different in that
  • you will only ever engage with experienced, proven, accountable specialists;
  • we genuinely appreciate, empower and reward our people;
  • we have a flat organisational structure that drives the right behaviors and outcomes that benefit you;
  • we are empowered to be able to customise solutions to meet your needs;
  • we don't hire non-billing managers;
  • we don't have graduate programmes or high staff turnover;
  • we use the latest in technology to ensure efficiency;
The team at Customise Talent

Customise is made up of talented and experienced Recruitment, HR and Consulting professionals who come on board as Partners. When you deal with a Customise Partner, you are ensured of a dedicated and quality service as they have incentives to build long term, quality relationships with you. And, as previously mentioned, they don't have the same pressures to work on many assignments at once. Your needs are prioritised and genuine relationships get built.

The Human Resources Project

A quick overview of The Human Resources Project:

  • "Pay only for what you use" HR services.
  • Powerful expertise and professional networks.
  • HR support from qualified HR professionals including training for managers and assistance with specific issues.
  • HR assistance with Position Description writing, disciplinary processes, ERA mediation representation, and on-call support with any emergency situations.
Why are we so unique?

We operate as your own HR function or as an extension of your existing HR function.

We operate on an hourly charge out basis to complete any HR related task your organization might seek assistance with.

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