About Us

The People Group is comprised of four service lines, People Trainers; People Coaches; People Partners and People Assessment. The Business was founded 24 years ago to increase engagement levels in businesses and to ensure that all employees ‘love their work’ with the corresponding increase in return on assets and productivity. We are practical and pragmatic in our approach to ensuring that you get the best from your people.


About Lynlee Wilson

I am a Registered Organisational Psychologist with over 25 years OD experience. I have worked across a wide range of Industries from Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunications; Heavy Manufacturing; Energy; CRI's to Educational facilities. I am a Facilitator; Strategic Planner; Executive Coach and OD Professional with strong Organisational Change Management experience. I have a very pragmatic approach and I am results orientated focusing on the outcomes that need to be achieved through people in Organisations. My main focus is increasing engagement levels within Organisations. There is a clear correlation between bottom line profitability and employee engagement, the greater the engagement the higher the profitability. The more employees who 'love their work' the more successful the Organisation will be. I have the proven tools, processes and programmes to identify and grow engagement levels across a wide range of Organisations.

Change Management Project Roles

Large Telecommunications Company; Lynlee was the Change Project Manager responsible for the overall Project delivery. The situation arose because of a merger and acquisition. We were required to work closely with the HR representative at the time that did not have the capacity to be as involved as the Manager required. Our Project team consisted of four full time resources over the six month period. Upon taking the project brief we delivered a comprehensive Project Plan. This was based on Kotter’s eight step framework for managing change effectively. The project ran over a six month period during which we had a clear focus on building an internal change team to ensure that post Project delivery the internal change champions could continue the change efforts once we had exited the business.

Leadership Development/Executive Coaching Consulting Roles

Large Energy Contracting Organisation. I have worked with this Organisation for over 15 years. I am involved extensively in many areas of the North Island based business. I facilitated the development of their strategic leadership capability framework and I am currently working with an internal project team to develop and roll out a companywide leadership programme.

I facilitate many coaching programmes with Managers and their Teams. I have conducted cultural reviews and provided recommendations and improvement plans.

I have been instrumental in the strategic HR planning process, through to facilitating the operational plans for the HR Team. I am completing various Organisational Development projects on an ongoing basis.

Organisational Development Roles

Public Sector Organisation. The Information Technology and Business Systems business unit had undertaken a formal review process by Deloittes and Techspace. This highlighted critical areas both technically and capability wise preventing them from being agile, proactive and delivering to their business objectives. This team consists of 90 people and is critical to the transport system of Auckland. The People Group were engaged based on previous relationships with the CFO to meet with the CIO and to design, develop and deliver a cultural alignment and engagement programme over a 12 month cycle. This assignment involved remedies and interventions as follows;

  • Individual targeted coaching programmes for the six senior managers including the Executive
  • 360 Feedback – Leadership team
  • Training needs analysis (future skills and behaviours) defined and personalised development programmes combined with the roadmap of co-ordinated team requirements for future management and leadership programmes
  • Facilitated Change Leadership Workshop
  • Training programme(s) for Managers/Team Leads
  • Provision of clarity around responsibilities and objectives, training needs analysis
  • A series of training programme(s) that provide skill and behaviour development for all staff

We have received feedback from the CFO, Executive team, CIO peers and inter-departmentally of the positive uplift they have seen within this team. They have pride and ownership in their work and at every level are committed to achieving their vision and business goals. As a result of this work we have been referred to another part of the business to work on a similar approach, thereby building a new performance and learning culture.