People Coaches

PeopleCoaches is a qualified coaching organisation aimed at providing systems and processes to increase individual productivity, communication and business results. Our Registered Psychologists work one-on-one with executive team members to build awareness and performance, and with teams to create cultures that support high performance.

Gaining increased self-awareness and clarity around personal vision, values and work practices allows the individual to take more responsibility for driving his or her own performance. When personal and company values are aligned, business excellence is created.

Ask yourself the following questions
  • Are there people in your organisation that have excellent skills and the potential to grow within the organisation, but seem to be lacking the motivation to get there?
  • Do you have people who are great at their job, but lack the interpersonal skills to achieve more?
  • Is your Executive Team working as effectively as it could and displaying the appropriate Leadership behaviours?
  • Are there team members where there is conflict and working relationships that need to be improved?
  • Have you observed teams that do not communicate effectively and therefore do not get the level of results that they should?
  • Have you observed teams who are unable to run action-orientated meetings?
  • Do your sales team demonstrate effective sales closure principles?
Our Team

The team of Coaches and Psychologists at PeopleCoaches can provide systems, processes and guidance to assist you:

  • One on one
  • In teams

“Lynlee is a fantastic leadership coach who I highly recommend. Her style is attentive, encouraging and challenging at the same time. Lynlee is one of the few people that I know who can help individuals make a significant leap in their next development steps.”

VANESSA FROST - Global Head of People at Orion Health