PeopleTrainers is focused on understanding the needs of its clients’ businesses and the behavioural change required to drive greater success.

Research has proven that changes in behaviour require consistent intervention over a period of time. Studies have also shown that individuals can lose up to 87% of skills gained though training within one month if these new skills are not actively applied.

The People Group specialises in constructing and delivering training that promotes self-sustaining behavioural change in competency areas specific to its clients' needs. We ensure that each person is given the support they need to maximise their retention of skills by helping them develop and implement work-based actions using practical tools and techniques.

Many organisations understand the need to increase employee competencies in specific areas of the business, but are not sure where to begin.

Ask yourself these questions…
  • Do your employees manage stress proficiently? Do they know how to protect themselves against stress by increasing their personal resilience?
  • Do your managers know how to coach for improved performance?
  • Do your managers know how to recruit and induct new team members effectively?
  • Are your employees effective at delegating tasks and managing their time?
  • Would your customers rate you 10/10 in customer service – are you 'easy to deal with'?
  • Are your sales employees reaching and exceeding their sales targets?
We provide learning solutions, customised to your organisation in the following areas:
  • Leadership Development
  • Management Training
  • Supervisory Training
  • Decision Styles for Managers
  • Organisational Change Management
  • Courageous Conversations for Managers
  • Mental Toughness and Building Resilience (click here to download our Mental Toughness Brochure)
  • Sales Success
  • Customer Service
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Developing Goals and Being Personally Effective
  • Recruitment Skills for Managers
  • Performance Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Work Experience Skills

Lynlee is a perfect fit for our business and completed a leadership training session with our Exec Team and other senior managers in the business. It was well received and provided valuable insight into our communicative styles so we are more in tune to understanding and influencing others and effective team building. She will be an integral part of our leadership development moving forward. Highly recommended! 

KURA POULAVA - GM - HR at EastPack Limited

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