People Assessment

Psychometric assessment adds value to the selection process through the objective assessment of key personal attributes and abilities required for successful job performance.

Our expert advice helps to create a more holistic picture of candidate capability and potential to perform effectively, both in the role itself and within the context of your organisation.

The Value

The value of psychometric assessment includes that it:

  • Adds to positive recruitment decisions - helping you hire the right employee
  • Assists in making decisions - helping you to avoid the ‘wrong’ employee
  • Can speed-up the selection process, providing targeted questions for final interviews
  • Provides a foundation of how you might develop a candidate once onboard
Our Assessment

Our assessment services provide:

  • Reports written by Psychologists and tailored to the role
  • We manage the logistics allowing you to get on with the job at hand
  • Quick turnaround times to meet market demands
  • 'Online' and 'supervised' testing options
  • Remote access
  • Feedback to all candidates
  • Bulk reporting capability
  • Independence and objectivity
  • Personalised and responsive
Assessment Tools

The People Group have access to a wide range of assessment tools (including personality, motivation, emotional intelligence, safety, cognitive ability, and specific ability assessments).

  • SHL
  • Extended DISC assessment 
  • Management Skills Battery
  • Myers Briggs - team building