People Therapy

People Therapy is part of our mental wellness practice.

Lynlee is a Registered Psychologist (1991) with over 30 years of therapeutic experience. This practice has grown in particular during the Covid 19 pandemic and the mental issues this has created for people.


 “Working with Lynlee specifically on my mental wellbeing gave me the understanding of why my mind and body were operating the way they were- in panic mode. Within the first session together, Lynlee helped me to understand my anxiety symptoms and why this was happening which gave me a sense of immediate relief and a sense of control that this could be overcome. We worked together o on practical steps to overcome my issues”


Lynlee specialises in:

  • Building resilience
  • Managing anxiety
  • Relationships
  • Dealing with conflict and complex relationships
  • Parenting guidance from babies to teenagers and everything in between, having raised three daughters who are now in the mid to late twenties
  • Coping with stress
  • Motivation and confidence building

Lynlee is known for her calmness and the ability to cut through issues and shed light on what is really going on and dealing with issues in a really practical motivating way.

If you are someone looking for a Therapist please call for a no obligation conversation

Lynlee: 021 779 246

If you need to apply for funding please click on the following link and get your GP to make the referral.

Disability Certificate – Counselling form (

 “My time with Lynlee allowed me the opportunity to bounce situations and experiences off an impartial perspective. Lynlee always made me feel comfortable, respected and safe during our fortnightly meetings. I would highly recommend Lynlee”

 “Lynlee is an inspirational, energetic and is exceptionally talented. I have personally benefited from her strategic insight, wisdom and expertise. Lynlee is a highly recommended professional”

 “Lynlee was a great coach for me in my role leading a significantly large and complex team. She was always able to help me turn situations from confusion to clarity with practical strategies. This enabled me to lead and manage well during trying times.”