People Partners

PeoplePartners is a Human Resources Consultancy that specialises in the full range of Human Resource services.

Based on the partnership model, PeoplePartners aims to truly understand its clients' needs in order to deliver useful, practical, and sustainable solutions.

Many businesses recognise the value of investing in their people but are unsure how to do this effectively in order to make a real difference and increase their overall business success.

Ask Yourself

Ask yourself the following questions ... do the people who work in the business know how to:

  • Select the right talent for the team, and then develop them effectively to ensure maximum proficiency in the long term?
  • Enable your employee's to own their career pathway
  • Create a true OD strategy aligned to Vision and business drivers
  • Have an HR Healthcheck/ Audit?
  • Create best practice Organisational Change Management strategy?
  • Implement a performance management system which allows them to support and coach high performers to exceed their targets, but also to deal effectively with poor performers?
  • Create a performance –based KPI framework for employees?
  • Create a culture which fosters learning and the pursuit of excellence?
  • Plan for your employee’s needs for the future?
Our Team

The team of Psychologists and HR Professionals at PeoplePartners can provide consulting, systems, processes and expertise to assist you with:

  • HR Audit and HealthCheck
  • Strategic HR Framework Design and Review
  • Organisational Change Management
  • Organisational Development Strategy Design and Review
  • Strategy-to-Action Framework - Future Focus
  • Culture Alignment - integrating your vision, mission and values
  • Culture, Climate and Customer Service Surveys and Interventions
  • Psychometric & Safety Behavioural Assessments
  • Mediation and Investigation Services
  • HR Outsourcing

“The People Group have had instrumental value in elevating my thinking in order to set and reach higher personal and professional goals. I’m impressed also, by the positive change in others while going through the programme.”

LUCY MALCOLMSON - Director at Strategic Comms